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Utterly Absurd
Bruce Stulting
Too bad human babies don't hatch! Maybe then they would at least enjoy the same legal protection as a turtle egg. A panel of judges in Florida upheld a $108,800 fine against a man who poached 1088 turtle eggs from a state park. The public defender argued that an egg isn't a turtle until it hatches; but the prosecutor affirmed that 80-100% of marine turtle eggs are fertile, and therefore, each egg must be considered a unit of marine life. The judges agreed with the prosecutor!
The pro-abortion establishment claims that a "fetus" is not a human "person" until birth has occurred. Several years ago the highest court in the nation agreed, and declared any and all laws protecting the unborn (humans, that is) to be "unconstitutional."
Isn't it more than ironic that laws protecting unhatched marine turtles are perfectly alright, but laws protecting unborn human beings are unconstitutional? An unhatched turtle is a "unit of marine life," but an unborn human is just so much "tissue." Swipe a thousand turtle eggs and we'll fine you $100 each (not to mention sending you to jail for 60 days); kill a thousand unborn human children and we will reward you for your "work" with tax money and laud you as a champion of "reproductive freedom"! How utterly absurd! Remember, God hates "hands that shed innocent blood" (Pro. 6:17).
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